Wire Drawing Machines

Dry drawing machines

  • Fully automated ultra advanced high speed straight line drawing machines with pressure rotating die to achive superior wire properties.
  • Mind about environment no batch pickling process is involved for material surface cleaning.
  • Using advanced in-line wire rod prepariation system and wire surface coating unit to make material scale and corrosion free.
  • Having size range from 0.70mm to 8.00mm.

Patenting & galvanizing furnaces

  • Gas fired patenting & galvanizing furnace.
  • Advanced in-line technology for material surface treatment, descalling/cleaning and surface coating process.
  • Installed new hi-tech automatic nitrogen wipping system (australian) for uniform zinc coating on wire surface.
  • Advanced (italian sirio make) in-line electrolytic pickling process for wire surface cleanning after heat treatment.
  • Furnace having size range of 0.80mm - 5.50mm.

Wet drawing machine

  • Highly efficient and productive machines installed.
  • Machines having size range of 0.20mm – 0.80mm.
  • Automatic inbuilt dry oven feature to make material moisture free.

Tyre bead coating

  • Hi-tech italian technology based machinery installed.
  • Wire bronzing line with motorized pay off synchronised with respective take up.
  • Machine having size range of 0.80mm – 2.10mm.