Auto Tyre Bead Wire

"Tyre bead wire is used for the manufacture of all types of pneumatic"

One of the major lines of production which was commissioned in the year 1993 is tyre bead Wire. The manufacturing capacity of the wire is 25200 METRIC TONNES PER YEAR. This wire is processed on the most modern high speed drawing machines and bronze coating line. The properties of bead wire are given hereunder: -

Chemical Composition :

Tensile Strength %C %Mn %SI %S(MAX) %P(MAX) %N(MAX)
NT 0.60 – 0.76 0.40 – 0.70 0.10 – 0.30 0.035 0.035 0.009
HT 0.77 – 0.90 0.40 – 0.60 0.10 – 0.30 0.025 0.02 0.009

Physical/ mechanical Properties:

  • Wire Diameter : Wire is manufactured circular in cross-section and it's diameter is controlled in the tolerance limit as specified by customer/IS-4824-2022
  • Breaking Load : The breaking load of specimen is controlled as per customer's specifications/IS-4824:2022.
  • Torsion Numbers : The torsion nos. of the wires are controlled as per customer's specifications/IS-4824:2022.
  • Percentage Elongation : The percentage elongation of wire is as per customer's specifications/IS-4824:2022.
  • Reverse Bends : The reverse bends are maintained as per customer’s specifications.
  • Bronze Coating :Wires supplied is having a coating weight of 0.3 gms/kg to 1.50 gms/kg. The tin content is maintained between 1 to 3% as per IS-4824:2022/Customer specification.
  • Resin Coating : A resin coating is applied over the coated wire to preserve its lustre as per customer’s specification.
  • Straightness : A 3-metre long sample of wire laid on a smooth flat surface lies flat between two parallel lines 600 mm apart; no part of the wire is 1 inch above the flat surface.
  • Adhesion Test : This test is carried out as per the procedure given by the customers - using their rubber compound. The adhesion values are controlled as per customer’s specification.
  • Residual Torsion : The number of residual torsion shall be less than or equal to 1 revolution on 9 meter.
  • Reel-less Coins Dimensions : The wire is supplied in reel-less coils, Spools, Pallets, Cages as per customer’s specification.
  • Packing : Packing of the material is done as specified by customers.
Auto Tyre Bead Wire